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3 types of burrito: breakfast, sushi, California

Burritos are the wraps and have fillings of different vegetables, seafood’s and meat depending upon their type. These wraps are famous all over the world. I am providing you information about some of these burritos.

1. Breakfast burrito

The breakfast burrito has an American plus Mexico origin and is used as an American breakfast. But its various varieties are present in Mexico. 


The breakfast burrito is mainly made of scrambled eggs and potatoes. Around these is a wrap and hurray your breakfast plus breakfast burrito s ready. Sausages, meat, bacon, onions, sour cream, salsa, cheeses, ham, and spinach are added to make it more luxurious. Eggs hams, avocado, olives, beans, green chilies are also added as toppings. It is served as hot. It can be served along with hot sauce and fresh fruit platter and platter.

Nutrients and calories

A breakfast burrito provides you a total of 310 calories and 57g of nutrients with 17g of fats, 13g of protein, and 22g of carbohydrates.

2. Sushi burrito

Sushi burrito has an origin of United States but it is a mixture of American and Japanese cuisine. The sushi burrito is made in San Francisco and then it gets immense popularity worldwide. 


A sushi burrito is a mixture of sushi and the burrito. The main ingredients are a wrap, rice, and fish. In Mexico, the burrito is wrapped around the fried fish and served. Sometimes raw fish also use. A wrap can be made up of rice or simple tortillas. The main ingredients of sushi burrito are sheets or wraps made up of seaweeds, rice, chili sauce, sirracha sauce, or small sticks of carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, and cucumber. Avocado is added to make it sour and delicious. Smoked salmon and baked tofu are the main ingredients.

Calories and nutrients

1 sushi burrito provides you 446 grams of nutrients and 500 calories. The sushi burrito is a healthier diet because it provides you omega-3 fatty acids present in f8ishes. These provide antioxidants and low in calories. The best thing about this burrito is that it contains no fats. The most loved and common type of this sushi is sticky rice and topped with a fillet of fish or seafood.

3. California burrito

California burrito is originally made in San Diego and then gains popularity worldwide. It is made up of mainly thick tortillas. It is perfect food for a meal and beach day.


This burrito is made up of a huge and thick tortilla which is its main thing. The fillings can be French fries, sour cream, and marinated, juicy steak with feta cheeses. Vegan cheeses and guacamole is added to increase its taste. Its tortilla is made up of flour which makes it thick. These burritos are huge and made up of different fillings. Potatoes are the loved ingredients of this burrito.

Nutrients and calories

A total of 1130.5 calories is provided by a single serving of California burrito. 287 grams of nutrients including fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are present.

If you are getting bore in your house, go to MacDonald, Burger King, and other famous restaurants. Order one of these burritos and enjoy your snack.

Interested in making your own burrito? You might want to check out this video.

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