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Best 7 Canadian desserts

Desserts are the main part of a cosine. Without it, every day will be dull. To make your meal delicious, superb, and wonderful the desserts should be of great smell, taste, and flavor. Canada is one of the areas where varieties of desserts are attracting people. The top 7 desserts among Canadian people are below.

  1. Nanaimo bar
  2. Tarte Au Sucre (Sugar Pie)
  3. Butter Tarts
  4. Pouding Chomeur
  5. Saskatoon Berry Pie
  6. Tiger Tail Ice Cream
  7. Blueberry Grunt

Nanaimo bar

These bars are named after the city of Colombia, Nanaimo. This delicious bar is made up of 3 layers, showing its popularity among the Canadian people. It is the most like desserts with a wafer, nuts, and coconuts crumbs as a base, chocolate ganache on top while the middle layer is the custard icing. All these crunchy and delicious layers make these bars popular.

Tarte Au Sucre

Known as sugar pie, these deserts are famous among European people. Either it is France or Belgium, it is equally popular. Tarte au sucre is made by different ways. Some of them are covered with sugar syrup, and some simply garnished with beet sugar or brown sugar. In French, they use maple syrup on the top of the pie. Canadians are in love with these desserts.

Butter tarts

A butter tart is a pastry that is featured dessert of Canadian cuisine. Its origin is also Canada. Pastry shell with eggs, butter, syrup, and sugar as filling with crunchy top is just a treat for the people. Sometimes nuts such as walnuts, pecans are also added to the dish to make them delicious.

Pounding chomeur

This dish was made by female works during the period of the great depression. This dish is simply made up of cake batter with a layer of hot caramel or sugar syrup on the top before baking. During baking, the cake batter rises through these syrups and becomes juicy while the caramel forms a distinct layer at the bottom. This dish is now equally served in Canada as a desert.

Saskatoon berry pie

The pie originates in Canada. The main ingredients are Saskatoon berry, pie crust corn starch, and sugar. Saskatoon berries are sometimes replaced by blueberries. The pie is served with vanilla which makes its most delicious

Tiger tail ice-cream

Tiger tail ice cream is famous for its orange and black liquorice swirls which resemble the orange and black stripes of a tiger. This dessert which is scream is originated in Canada and almost nowhere fond in other areas. The orange-flavored ice cream is popular among Canadians and is served by few restaurants.

Blueberry Grunt

 The famous blueberry grunt is made up of blueberries, lemon, sugar, and cinnamon. This dessert is featured dessert of Canadia. The biscuit dough is made and put on the top of the blueberries grunt. Then served this grunt with the ice cream, and boom. 

Above mentioned all the 7 desserts are famous and the best Canadian desserts. If you want a happy and delicious meal go forward and buy one of them and make your day happy.

Here is a short clip on how to easily make a Canadian Butter Tart

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