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Black bean burger

Black beans are now famous these days due to various usages in vegetarians’ dishes. These are black-colored and have a meaty texture so greatly used in burgers for vegetarian people. Black bean burger is one of them. A black bean burger is a patty made up of black beans and then feta cheese, spices, garlic, onions, avocado, paprika, chili pepper are added to make them tasty.

Healthier nature

These burgers are much healthier than the simple hamburgers or beef burgers provided to you at restaurants. These burgers are full of fibers, vitamins, and protein. As compared to regular beef burgers these black bean burgers have a low amount of fat and cholesterol in them. So, these burgers are just healthier.


The main nutrients in these burgers are –provided by the following molecules

  1. Protein 46g
  2. Fat 17g

     3.  Carbohydrates 150g


A black bean burger in total provides you 937 calories. One cup of black beans provides you around 15g of nutrients. Black bean patties are a good source of variant minerals like potassium, magnesium, and foliate. So, these burgers provide you a good amount of protein and iron and make your health stable.


The taste of the black bean burger is just like the beans. These are not mushy like meat but have a flavor of a lot of cheese, veggies, and black beans. These burgers are then served with tahini sauce.

When would you know they are cook?

These burgers take less time to cook. Varieties of vegetables make them crunchy and tasty. When grill marks or brownish color starts appear on it and the inside is hot. Your burger is ready to serve. 


Black bean burger is simply made up of black beans, red onions, carrots, eggs, and garlic and oat flour. You can add different toppings to it to make it more delicious and presentable. Famous toppings are red onions, avocado, tomato, jalapenos, lettuce, cheese, and pickles.


These burgers are juicy, have a meaty texture, big, compact, less mushy, garlicky, healthy, and satisfying. The base of this burger is made of black beans. These are delicious to eat. Onions and carrots are added to make them crunchier. Garlic serves a good taste. Oat flour helps the ingredients to remain in a bind with each other. Olive oil makes them soft and egg is added to make them healthier.

How to hold these patties

Combine vegetables, beans, salt, onions, carrots, and cayenne in a large bowl. Mix all of them and then add bread crumbs slowly. At the end add an egg that binds your patty. Oat flour also helps the patty to bind. Spices and other sauces are also added.


Black bean burgers provide you a good amount of antioxidants which are very useful for the body. It contains a lot of fibers to make your GIT stable. It elicits many medical problems related to your health.

 The black bean burger is full of nutrition. If you have a restaurant near you that provides these burgers, go and try them.

Wondering how to make your own black bean burger? Check this video out!

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