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History of Burrito

Every region on this planet is well known for its features. Each country showcases its characteristics and is famous for that. Some for agriculture and some for their industries.

Food is one of the very great aspects a country is known by. Be it Thai, Chinese, Asian, or continental, they all are known for their tastes.

Speaking of food, that is everyone’s favorite topic, have you ever heard of Burrito?

What is a burrito?

Burrito is a dish originated from Mexico that is made by wrapping a bunch of ingredients in a sheet of tortilla and give it a roll shape so that it can be easily stuffed into your mouth.

It is a known delicious dish with a blend of flour tortilla, meat, and beans. Other general ingredients used in it are lettuce, rice, salsa, and sour cream.

With time, this dish has been improvised and modified according to the taste development.

Meaning of burrito          

The name “burrito” means “little donkey” in Spanish.

Who knew that Mexico going through revolution will also invent a world-famous dish that is now called by its very unique name of Burrito.


Tortilla is sometimes grilled or steamed in the case for it to get soften. Burritos are mostly enjoyed with hands as they are tightly wrapped but sometimes, they are also served with sauces on them and make them enjoyable with knife and fork.

Burritos have a savory filling with meat such as chicken, beef, or pork and other ingredients such as rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and condiments.

In contrast with other dishes

Burritos are taken in contrast with tacos and enchiladas although those two are different dishes. Tacos are the dish in which small-sized tortillas are folded halfway around the ingredients rather than fully wrapped and getting sealed. While enchiladas use masa tortillas and are cover in sauce to be eaten by knife and fork.

History of Burrito

Do you know that this dish also has a unique history?

Just like every successful company has its history of hard work and startup, similarly, every dish has its way of invention.

Mexican revolution and Ciudad Juarez

So what happened was that back when the Mexican revolution was going on from 1910 to 1920, there was this man who used to sell tacos while riding on his donkey in the city of Mexico known as Ciudad Juarez.

He used to wrap all the food in a large flour tortilla to keep it warm. After that, burritos become traditional food for Ciudad Juarez.

Juan Mendez; inventor of burrito

His name was Juan Mendez, inventor of a burrito. Even he didn’t know what great of a thing he invented.

Some say that the real origin is still unknown but this historical information is the only one that made sense.

Burritos are American market

Burritos first appeared in American restaurant menus in 1930’4 and were mentioned by US media in the 1940s. Getting the US media to recognize this dish made it even popular among folks and helps it get known worldwide.

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