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How to cook veggie burgers

This is the era of fast food and we are all living in it. Whether you are an office worker or a teacher, you prefer less load of cooking yourself and order fast food on your working site. The most well-known junk food that is eaten above average is pizza, patties, and burgers, of course with a soft drink.

Burgers are the most renowned junk food eaten among the masses. A variety of burgers is introduced to meet the different tastes of people. You can find a chicken burger, zinger burger, beef burger, veggie burger, and so on.

Veggie burger

The veggie burger is the burger Pattie in which only vegetables are used between the flour buns. No meat is required while making a veggie burger and is thus one of the favorites of the vegetarian community. Ingredients used for making a veggie burger include tofu, nuts, grains, and seeds. Others vegetables are also included.


The dish by its names was created by Gregory Sams in London, 1982. They called it “vegeburger”

But before that, in 1980 or 1981, Paul Wenner developed an early veggie burger namely “Gardenburger”.


 If one might think that fast foods are not nutritious then they are wrong. For their amount per 100 grams, they have 177 calories with total fat 6g, cholesterol 5 mg, sodium 569mg, potassium 333 mg, total carbohydrate14g, protein 16g, calcium 13%, and magnesium 14%.

How to cook veggie burgers

Cooking something requires basic knowledge regarding that dish. Veggie burgers might seem easy to cook for someone but also difficult for others. The manufacturing process of a veggie burgers patty might take a lot of time and care.

First, we should wash the ingredients used in the patties thoroughly to clean them. Use your hands or high-pressure sprayers for this purpose.

Then a steam-heated mixture is used to cook the grains and remove debris. The mixer used has oil within it. So basically, the mixer cooks the grain with oil and results in a puree.

After that, we cut vegetables and add them to the grain mixture in a steam-heated mixer. Ratio determines the texture and taste produced that is different for every company that produced them.

As for vegetable cooks, sugar is released causing caramelization. Sweet flavors resulted from it are mixed uniformly and this technique of mixing is called mirepoix. This technique adds both texture and taste to the patty.

Now, this mixture is placed in another tub, where we add dry ingredients such as walnuts, oats, and potato flakes.mix them. The mixture becomes sticky because of the moisture from vegetables, though clump like dough/this allows the veggie burger to stick together to form a patty.

The dough mixture is then placed in a patty-making machine where the patties are shaped into a discover conveyer belt underneath. To prevent the sticking of patties on the machinery parts, water is constantly sprayed

Then the patties are placed on the baking tray before anything else, we check whether the size and shape plus the mixed dough are accurate or not. After that trays are placed in preheated oven at a specific temperature for a specific time.

After taking them out of even, patties are frozen by quick-freezing methods such as individual quick freezing and cryogenic freezing which freezes the patties in just 30 minutes.

Frozen patties are again placed on conveyor belts that take them to a vacuum packaging machine which seals them into plastic.

This is the whole process of cooking the veggie burger. When serving, we can place other vegetables as well and enjoy them with sauces.


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