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What is a veggie burger?

Hamburger with no meat, but vegetables and seeds. All these vegetables are pressed into a round shape to form a patty. A veggie burger contains different ingredients such as tofu, nuts, grains, vegetables, mushrooms but there is no meat. These burgers are among the main cushiness of both Europe and Asia.

Why veggie burger?

Some people don’t eat meat because of religious reasons; some of them are allergic to the meat or have health problems concern with it. A lot of people don’t do it due to animal welfare. But if you ask the people about the most loved food in United State, they would always tell you about American burgers.

Veggie or plant burgers are among the loved ones’ food but what it tastes like to people who eat meat. To reduce climate changes and maintain balance in the environment, it is necessary to take vegetables in addition to meat. It will help to grow the species of animals as well.

What Makes Veggie Burgers as Burgers?

Before starting we should have information on what makes a veggie burger to be counted as a burger. There is a lot of points to be understood. Some of them I discussed.

1.           Nutrients

Nutrients are the main thing of the dish. A meat burger is made up of iron and proteins. But a veggie burger also contains both of these ingredients. Beans provide you proteins in place of meat and spinach, lettuce provides you iron. So if you are taking veggie burgers don’t hesitate it provides you the same nutrients.

2.           Flavor and smells

This burger has no specific smells due to the non-distinguish ingredients. Flavors of veggie burgers are not so strong as compared to beef burgers which have a very strong odor.

3.           Color

The color of meat burgers varies from red t ash brown depending upon the degree of cooking. While veggie burgers have different ingredients which make them beautiful. Beetroot burgers make them deep red or veggie burgers make them red. Designers make these burgers so beautiful to be attracted by anyone.

4.           Texture

The texture is mainly due to the ingredients. To make it spongy and juicy at the same time the ingredients are mashed so they also resemble beef burgers. Carrots and beetroot make it crunchy.

5.           Taste

Veggie burgers taste like simple grains or nuts. But now the manufacturers add more flavors to it which makes the way better than earlier. Burgers made up of gluten or soy knows tastes like meat burgers. So you can easily attract them.

When you taste a veggie burger you can easily see the difference between them. It is impossible to develop a meat burger taste from vegetables. Some of the restaurants offer you different plant burgers that taste like meat but we can’t use them as alternatives.


In short, veggie burgers have different tastes and ingredients than meat burgers. A few spices can make it flavorful for you. So, change your taste you can also try a veggie burger.

Here is a helpful video on how to make your own veggie burger.

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